Everyday Frugal: 19th – 21st July, 2013

by yooeel

Friday started off the weekend quite cheaply.  Little Boy and I had the last of our toddler groups for the summer, making up our £1 spend for the day.

Little Boy’s sunflower is growing – this is it on Friday morning, and it’s now about twice the size.

Free food again on Friday in the form of courgettes from our allotment and pak choi that an allotment neighbour gave us for letting their children loose on our raspberry bush – a very good swap for us!

We chopped the courgettes and pak choi, and changed our planned fish and couscous into a salmon and white fish stir fry with some noodles.  We chucked in some carrot and tomato that was languishing at the bottom of the fridge and flavoured it with some ginger from the freezer, a splash of lemon juice and soy sauce and some of our home made harissa paste.  We love making this lentil stew and harissa paste, but find that we always have way too much harissa to store in the fridge.  Frozen in ice cube trays, one cube is the perfect amount of chilli and garlic for starting off a stir fry.

Yesterday was slightly less low budget.  We called together an impromptu barbeque with some other local babies and parents and waddled off to the supermarket to spend £13 on supplies.  The free courgettes and raspberries we collected from the allotment went into a salad and an ice-cream dessert, and luckily we had a few leftovers for lunches.

Little Boy and Hubby tidied the garden ready for our barbeque.  Little Boy made soup in a big tub.

Hubby did some hedge-cutting.

Today was another spendy day with Hubby cycling down to Wilko’s for such glamorous items as an ironing board cover and toothbrushes, but apart from that we made our own fun.  Hubby found a piece of slate and a leftover shelf from last year’s kitchen refit.  He screwed them together to make Little Boy a garden chalk board.

Luckily, a slight dip in the weather today meant that we could eat a portion of our slow-cooker beef stew.  I did worry that we might have to put it all straight in the freezer without sampling it!

How did you spend your weekend?  Let me know by commenting below.