Five Books I Can’t Wait to Read

by yooeel

One of my efforts to save money is reading through all the books I have on my bookcases, before I hunt through the charity shops for more.  I’m trying on average to read at least one of my ‘real’ books a month, alongside book club books, library volumes and kindle stuff. Here is a small selection, in no particular grouping or order.

1. The God Delusion – Richard DawkinsI’m not expecting to agree with Dawkins unequivocally, but I am expecting this to be a well-argued, thought-provoking read.

2. Writing Down The Bones – Natalie GoldbergI’ve started reading this and using it as an exercise in the past. Daily writing practice is something I sorely need.

3. Red Dust – Ma JianRecommended by my husband. A true life Chinese adventure tale.

4. The Trial – Franz KafkaThe old Penguin paperback will be part of the fun. That is, if you can call Kafka ‘fun’.

5. 22 Days in May – David LawsThe story of the creation of the ConDem coalition. This will be fascinating to read with hindsight.

What treats do you have waiting on your bookcase? Leave a comment and let me know.