Weed Like to Say ‘Hello’

by yooeel

Start with a pun. Lovely stuff.

I always try and dig out the first post of a blog I really enjoy, so I’m hoping if you’ve uncovered this in 2015 you are suitably underwhelmed.

Hubby and I did a little bit of garden maintenance today.

He did weeding.  I tried to weed and ended up being demoted to sweeping duties after encountering one too many slugs. (I saw two slugs.)

I wore a purple dress that was one of many things that my lovely friend passed on to me en route to the charity shop.  I wore it with some cheapy jeans I nicked off my mum and an animal print cardigan I found in the charity last week.  The necklace was a gift last year from Accessorize.

So we have to start somewhere – and now we have. Welcome to my blog – make yourself at home.

Do you like searching out the humble beginnings of your favourite blogs? Did you get up to any Bank Holiday jobs?
Make my day and comment!